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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill


Breton Wealth Management offers a wide range of products and financial planning services that meet the needs of individuals, families and business owners.

Retirement & Investment Products


We can help you with segregated fund policies, registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), loans, guaranteed investments, payout annuities, tax-free savings accounts (TSFAs), investment funds and more. While borrowing to invest can be a powerful means to build wealth, the risks involved make it a strategy that is not suitable for everyone. Your financial security advisor can help you determine if borrowing to invest is a strategy that is right for you.



You have a variety of needs that we can satisfy with insurance. Whether its life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance or health and dental insurance, we can help.

Group Benefits


No matter how large or small your business or organization is, we can help you choose a group benefits plan to suit your needs.

Group Retirement & Savings Plans


We offer a range of group retirement and savings plans for employees and employers.


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Breton Wealth Management
103 Byng Avenue, Sydney,

Nova Scotia, B1P 5C1

Phone: (902) 270-8030
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Breton Wealth Management
301 Pitt St, Unit 3, Port Hawkesbury,
Nova Scotia, B9A 2T6

Phone: (902) 738-3010
Fax: (902) 738-3011

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